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Do you want to know how to vitalise and optimise your online presence?

(A.K.A. How to get more customers to see – and interact with – your online business!)




create or revitalise a website

You want a brand new website, or your old one just doesn’t hit the mark any more. You’ve changed, the world’s changed…but the one thing that should show your digital prowess is languishing in the past. 

Looking at your competitors’ websites makes you want to hide. 

Give your business a brand new shiny website, or make your old one work better for you. 

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(A.K.A search engine optimisation)

So you have a beautiful website. But can anyone see it? Optimisation of your site is imperative to being seen. If you’re not optimised for search engines, you’re not optimised for your customers. 

If you don’t think SEO is important, have you tried building a house without foundations and proper drawings and plans? 

You’re not just optimising for search engines, you’re optimising your business to be seen by your online customers. If you want new customers to find you, you have to be seen.

Search engines are just the matchmakers. 


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digital optimisation strategy

Do you have no idea of where to point your digital marketing sails? 

The online world is moving fast, you feel like everyone’s onboard, yet you don’t know where to start. 

Perhaps you need a strategy. 

I know a woman that can help (me, if you hadn’t already guessed.)

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about me

Working with both private clients and community and social ventures, I am a Director of Community Enterprise Engine.

Passionate about SEO, simple yet effective websites and the beauty in creating the perfect-for-your-business online strategy.

Websites are the windows to your online soul, and if it isn’t being seen in the right places, no one will see what you have to offer the world.

SEO will optimise your whole business. It’s not as simple as on-site and off-site optimisation. It’s the whole digital pie that needs to come together. And that’s the part I love the most.

Not a natural born artist, my natural born creativity is in seeing the bigger picture, pulling all individual digital puzzle pieces together to create a complete picture, one as unique as the business it represents. 

I love helping businesses move forward with their plans, dreams, and goals. 


Assess, analyse, strategise and monetise

I offer many different online services, including website, SEO and digital marketing audits.

How about create, update, monitor, tweak and strategise all online content?

Assess the current state of what you have and where it’s at, and help you create a strategy based on where you want to be, who you want to attract and what your customers are currently doing and help them find you.

I can help you assess, analyse, strategise and monetise your business. 



Business owners want their businesses to grow. We can work together to identify your customer, find out where they hang out and draw them to you.

Whatever your business goals are, make sure they align to your online presence. This presence is more linked and more far reaching than you may think.

Staying still is not an option. Growth is where it’s at. Growth is great, but not all growth is equal. Grow in the direction you choose, not the direction in which you are being pulled. 

Choose your destiny, don’t let it be chosen for you. It’s in your hands, if you choose to take the reigns.


infectious excitement

If you are excited about your business, that will filter through by osmosis! Excitement is infectious – so if you believe in what you do, so will I. And that is where the magic happens. 



I’m based in Hertfordshire in the UK. But thanks to the internet, that makes us instant friends. Geographical location isn’t as important as a meeting of minds. 

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or face-to-face. Excitement knows know bounds. 

choose your destiny

Go with the flow? Or create your wave? Or a magical mix of both?

The choice is yours. Whatever target you aim for, there is a service to assist with creating your very own ‘weapon of choice’. 

Just know, it will be to enable you to ‘shoot for the stars’ (no one was harmed in the making of my weapons). 


Make A Change

The businesses who will benefit most from digital marketing services are businesses who have their employees and customers at the forefront of their minds. 

Digital Marketing energies are best spent making businesses aligned to the Google Rules of Engagement – to get to the top with truth, integrity and without sleepless nights and no digital skeletons in digital closets. Clear, open and honest tactics. 

The priority is helping good people to succeed.